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***Update 7/22***
I give up. Life will just not let me be. I apologize, yet again, for not responding to most comments, and for the now very lateness of the other two requests I took in the hopes of getting my life back on track and getting some free time. 

In the past month or so: my elderly grandmother fell and broke her arm, just got home from the rehab center this boyfriend broke his foot 2 weeks after tearing his 47-year old uncle, who is like a brother to me, had a massive heart attack followed by emergency triple bypass surgery which he wasn't expected to make it through, after three days on a ventilator he was able to wake brother collapsed in his ICU room while visiting and was taken to the emergency room... So I've spent almost every moment I wasn't at work in one hospital or another, all while battling my own bronchitis which turned into a lung infection... Just when things were settling down this week my work partner also suffered a heart attack, minor thankfully, but still very upsetting because I had been telling him to go to a doctor all week... 

I am emotionally and physically exhausted.

I don't know when I'll be able to catch up again here and with art... 

I'm really getting sick of having to write these sob stories.

I'm sorry.

Wow...It's been so long. I've missed this place, and everyone. :( I'm going to try...and I emphasize TRY to slowly come back...

Life. Hmm...My professional life is going well right now. I've gotten pretty involved in my union, and was actually elected Secretary of the executive board for my Local last month. Lots of added work and responsibility, but some extra fun, like all expenses paid convention trips xD, too.

I am still having my eye/head/whatever health issues, no luck with any doctors so far. The appointment with an ophthalmologist that I waited 2 months to get into yielded nothing but more frustration, as I was told that not only do I not have headaches(could've fooled me), but everything that I was told before about having binocular vision is untrue, and I actually have perfect vision(even though everything is blurry and painful to look at) and should not have been wearing glasses for the past 20 years...
Me: "So every eye doctor, and test, for the past 20 years in 3 states has been wrong?"
Dr.: "Yes."
Me: "Then why is everything I look at blurred and unreadable?"
Dr.: "It's not."

Ok then...

The rest of life is equally complicated and stressful. Not going to get into more of it, but I think I definitely need to get back into some wonderful distraction, such as only my wonderful friends, wonderful artists, and wonderful people around here can give. :love:
Again, it's going to be slow, maybe even just looking at one thing a day if I have to(I still can't stomach looking at the computer screen for more than a half hour or so at a time). But I miss everyone so much! I will do it!

Art...I haven't even picked up a pencil in over a year... :tears: I need some inspiration... How about the first...let's say 3 people to comment can have a request for...well, anything, really. Help me get back into the swing of things, yes? :)

Oh yes, and I've signed up for this tumblr no idea really how it works yet. So anyone who wants to follow, or add, or show me what goes on there lol, feel free.

:fingerscrossed: Here goes nothing! Welcome back, me!
  • Mood: Optimism


kiriban at 15,000
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hey there! I'm VVKiti...some may know me as Kiti Renentine on ^.^

:bulletblue: Final Fantasy 7 and Gackt fangirl to the extreme.
:bulletblue: Yaoi connoisseur.
:bulletblue: Emoticon enthusiast.

:iconkitikissplz:ABOUT ME:iconkitikiss2plz:
~Begin annoying whining by kiti~
Just a quick little word about me... Even though I love it here, and spend pretty much every available moment here... I am notoriously slow at responding to comments/replies/faves...and worse at keeping up to date on looking at artwork. :faint: I know that doesn't make sense but trust me. I have frequent eye/vision calamities :iconjenovaschoirplz:...No, not that Calamity. a lot of the time I can only get through 2 or 3 messages at a sitting/per day. But that doesn't mean I will never answer, or that I won't look at your artwork. I WILL. It just may be a month(or several) later than you'd expect. :iconparanoid-laplz: So please don't think I'm avoiding you, or too stuck up to look at stuff even though I'm posting art myself(I sometimes can draw still even when I can't read). Okay? Great, glad we've got that settled. :phew:
Now my eyes hurt. ;P
~End of annoying whining by kiti~

:devart: MY deviantID :devart:

My super amazing adorable ID was made by the lovely and talented :iconfunkysockzlover:, she is a wonderful artist and an awesome person, GO CHECK OUT HER GALLERY!!! xDDDDD
:iconparanoid-laplz:A Note About My Icons:iconparanoid-laplz:
If you want to use one of my icons as your avatar(unless it was specifically made for you by me), please ask me first. Not only am I very friendly, and promise I won't bite, but I'll say yes(lol unless it was specifically made for someone else :giggle:)...I'd just like to know first. :meow:

Current Residence: USA


VVKiti has started a donation pool!
1,480 / 5,000

Hey guys! I'm collecting points to use for contest prizes over at :iconwe-luv-final-fantasy: and/or to make us a SUPERGROUP

Any and all donations to aid us in this mission would be greatly appreciated! :eager:


Point Commissions Closed Stamp by izka197

Commissions are Closed until further notice, thank you for your patience. :meow:

If anyone is interested I will also pimp myself out for points...:iconhoneybeegirlplz:...for the cause...yeah, that's it. :paranoid:

I'm thinking ~
:bulletpurple: 20 points for a 1 character simple animated avatar/plz account examples:
Cait Sith for XeonRhede by VVKiti LightningYayz for Kalvanas by VVKiti Fat Chocobo by VVKiti
:bulletpurple: 25 points for a 1 character(both directions) kiss examples:
Kissy Turk Vincent by VVKiti Kissing Shera for Shadow by VVKiti including plz accounts
:bulletpurple: 30 points for up to 3 character(emote-style only) complex animated avatar/plz account examples:
Burn Hojo Burn by VVKiti Remnant Double Hug by VVKiti VinChaos Icon for Beezlemona by VVKiti
:bulletpurple: 75 points for an emote animated scene examples:
Aftermath by VVKiti Spanking Spree Stamp by VVKiti Sunny Day for Soy-Soy by VVKiti


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